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The Spiritual Dimension is the Source of Life

The source of everything in our world comes from a deeper source within us. When we tap into that source, that part of us that is eternal and ever present, we are able to experience a level of happiness and fulfillment that might otherwise allude us. Matter also springs from this very source, and by itself is subject to the law of birth and death.

So if we solely identify ourselves with our material lives, something will always seem to be missing. This is not to say that our earthly lives have no meaning to them, but rather that aligning our earthly lives to our spiritual lives gives us a sense of deeper purpose and happiness.

Yoga teaches us that an enlightened being is one who is in an eternal state of bliss. Our practice then should be to cultivate happiness for no reason. Does that sound crazy to you? Think about it.

If you are happy for some reason or another, then at some point you will have to experience unhappiness because as per the law of the material world, the reason for your happiness will change or come to an end. So if you are dependent on your relationships, your career, your youth or your role in society as a source of happiness, you should also be prepared that at some point all these things will come to an end, at least in the way that you have come to know and love them, and thus you will experience suffering or unhappiness.

If on the other hand your source of happiness is within yourself, to your connection to God, source, Universe, whatever word pleases you; then your happiness can be eternal. This might seem impossible to you, for we are in this world and entrenched in our physical needs, wants and desires all the time. But within each of us, there is also a desire to reunite with the very forces that created our world.

The interesting this is, the more connected we get to this Source, the more fulfilled our material lives can become. The reason behind this is that everything gets created first in the spiritual world, and then becomes a part of the physical world. So the deeper we can connect to our spiritual selves, the more we become conscious creators of our own lives, the more empowered we become.

Usually behind all human suffering is an agitated mind. Our minds which evolutionary were supposed to serve us, have instead become our masters, driving us to act in ways that are to our detriment. If you doubt this, have a look at the world around you, it is a sheer reflection of the madness that we have collectively created through our agitated minds.

Your mind is a powerful tool that you can use to create peace, joy and positivity in your life. But in order to use the mind, you have to be able to control the mind, and that can only be done through awareness of your deeper self. The more aware you become of your true spiritual nature, the less you will be at the whimsy of your mind. And then you can use your mind as a creative tool rather than letting it rule you.

The reason it is so important for you to understand the power of your mind, is that you are creating constantly. Whether or not you are aware of it, your thoughts, feelings and perceptions create your reality and the world around you. So how you think about something, how you perceive it, literally changes your experience of it.

Here is an example to demonstrate this. The well known up and coming hip hop artist, Logic aka Bobby Hall, was born into extremely harsh childhood circumstances. He grew up in a household full of drugs, abuse and violence. Now while his siblings got completely caught up in the lifestyle of using and selling drugs, Bobby never used or sold drugs.

During an interview he was asked what his biggest takeaway was from his harsh upbringing, and how he managed to not only stay sober, but make his way into a successful career and his answer was ‘God and common sense. I watched my dad sell drugs and smoke crack and I thought to myself, don’t do that, that’s no good’.

So what was the difference between him and his siblings who were born into the same circumstances, being raised by the same parents? His perception and thoughts about his experience and his willingness to listen to the deeper part of his being. He decided to take his pain and suffering and use it as a stimulus to create and share his art authentically thus leading to great success, while his brothers reacted to their pain and suffering by drowning in drugs.

This is how powerful your mind is. It can literally shape the circumstances of your life by shaping how you experience and react to them. So if you want a life of freedom and joy, the way to begin is by understanding your own nature, your inner world.

Yoga and meditation are ancient techniques which can help you in this process. Once you get acquainted with the patterns of beliefs and thoughts that make up your inner world, you will understand much better what holds you back and blocks you in life. Bringing clarity and awareness to these processes is key to your freedom.

The Spirit is Life, The Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result ~ Edgar Cayce

Now, while the realm of the mind is important for us to understand, there is another step that is in fact even more important for us in the process of our evolution. This is tapping into the power of our feeling nature, that is our hearts. If we want to connect to our souls, we have to learn the language it speaks to us in.

This is the language of feelings that can only be understood through our hearts. In the recent decades, there has been some fascinating research that has done by scientists at the Heart Math Institute. In order to understand the implications of it, we have to first understand that the world around us is made up of electric and magnetic fields. The human body itself emanates these waves of energy which in turn interacts with the waves in our environment.

For the longest time, we were told by our scientists that intelligence comes from the brain and the brain is the most powerful and important organ in the body. However, the new science has found that the heart emanates an electric field that is a 100 times stronger than the brain and a magnetic field that is 5000 times stronger than the field from our brains. This proves that there is an intelligence to the heart that we have been unaware of, and this intelligence is it’s ability to communicate through feelings.

In his books ‘The Divine Matrix’ and ‘The Isiah Effect’, author Gregg Braden talks about his travels and studies of over 22 years, in high mountain villages and remote monasteries discovering forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets.

Over and over again, he comes across the mode of prayer used by ancient people and their traditions being followed to this day. And he comes to the conclusion that the form of prayer that puts us in communication and alignment with the Universe, is not a prayer of thought and words, but rather a prayer of feelings.

I am sure you have at some point come across a situation where your feelings told you the truth about something or someone and your mind made up some excuses so you could believe what you wanted. This is because while your mind is capable of deceiving you, your heart never lies.

Your soul is always communicating to you through your feelings, you just have to learn to listen. This is the path to accessing deeper levels of your being, to spiritualize your life. It is also the best way to create a life that is full of joy and happiness, the life that you desire.