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Bodywork and the Four Paths of Yoga

When most people think about moving their body, they inevitably think about working out, or exercising. That is also how most people think about Yoga in the West, they associate it with fitness, becoming more flexible, stronger. There are no shortages of videos promoting the benefits of Yoga as a workout, as a way to destress and maybe find some relaxation at the end of the class lying down for a few minutes on the mat. This approach to yoga while a good start, is one-dimensional and is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Health & Healing - Mind, Body, Spirit

Health is about much more than our physical bodies. We are spiritual beings in a physical body with a mind that is far more powerful than we recognize. When we stop treating the different aspects of our being as separate from each other, and understand them to be one cohesive whole, only then can we achieve true and holistic health.

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What is Sound Meditation?

Most ancient spiritual traditions from the monks of Tibet and the gurus of India to the curanderos of the Amazon use sound as a means to alter the state of the mind. These mantras and chants have an interesting effect on our brain chemistry and research has shown that they activate parts of the brain that are usually associated with deep levels of sleep and dreaming.

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Chasm: Through the Abyss into the Light and Why I do Yoga

Sometimes you go into something expecting to learn how to do something and in the process you learn more about yourself than you thought was possible.I am currently enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training that is changing my life on many levels. This training at Laughing Lotus NYC is exactly what I could have ever asked for in a yoga school — it is spiritually based, yet grounded and challenging. I am learning more about myself than I ever thought I would. Recently we were given an assignment with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Each of us got a sutra which we were supposed to research and prepare as a presentation for the whole group by personalizing it and finding out how it comes alive in our own lives. It seemed like a creative way to learn these ancient teachings.

The sutra that I picked (randomly with my eyes closed from an envelope) was ‘tamas’ which is one of the ‘gunas’ or qualities of
Prana or universal life force. The concept of tamas can be interpreted as heaviness, inertia, dullness or darkness. The other two gunas are ‘rajas’ - action, activity, a dynamic force of movement and ‘sattva’ - tranquility, purity, light and perception. The play of all three gunas gives rise to and maintains all of Creation. Without any one of them, life as we know it would not exist.
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