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Are You Eager To Transform?

I help high achieving women overcome anxiety, overwhelm, and the deeply rooted wound of not feeling enough. These inner struggles inevitably lead to shallow contractual relationships and overcompensation in all areas of life to mask the pain of the void within. Through my work I guide my clients to achieve a deep love and connection to their spirit for themselves which radically transforms their relationships with others and guides them towards leading a life of passion, purpose and fulfillment.

I utilize healing bodywork, astrology, movement and sound to support my clients long lasting transformation. I'm deeply passionate about your healing because I know what it feels like to feel disconnected from yourself and how those very things that appear to be our stumbling blocks are actual stepping stones that you can use to empower yourself and experience a deep sense of freedom and happiness.

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Movements of Light

Within this 60 min online or in person healing session which can be practiced one on one or distantly, we will create space for your energetic imbalances to come to your conscious awareness, and I will assist you in creating alignment with your vital essence which then results in a deep healing on all levels.
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Within this 90 min online reading you'll get a clear view of the psychological, emotional and ultimately spiritual patterns you are working with, which are triggered/activated during certain phases or time periods of your life. Astrology is an amazing tool for you to learn to live a life full of purpose and joy. 


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''I met Lubaina through a mutual friend a few years ago, and my first session with Lubaina was actually a birthday gift.  Her energy was cozy and warm and very illuminating. She immediately grabbed my attention like one of those insanely bright lights you’d find in a Broadway star’s dressing room backstage… not because she hurts your eyes, because this soul is gorgeous inside and out, but because she brings awareness and can bring some awareness to what might be lurking in the dark.

She is a hugely connecting force with an incredible gift and skill she chooses to bring that to others, and that in and of itself should tell her how amazing she truly is. When we met, I was navigating some really tough relationships, feeling stuck and lost professionally, and just emotionally exhausted. Four years later, I have had a handful of sessions and conversations with her which have brought so much more awareness to myself, the world I’ve grown up in, and how I can shift my role and understanding to navigate my life in a way that supports healing and growth.

I have sat with her for readings, and have had the literal pleasure of getting bodywork done by her. She has this incredible strength in her breath, in her voice, in her ability to read a physical body that she chooses to share with others. I have walked into a session with her with the largest knots in my throat or my stomach, both figuratively and literally, and when I walk out, I can breathe better. I can feel that there is has been a significant shift in my physical body which also engages and releases tension in my mind.

As somebody who is highly sensitive and loves to store tension in her body, Lubaina offers the space to explore that in such a productive and interesting way. We sat, she talked, I listened, I asked questions and definitely kept interrupting, she heard me, and I walked out with a greater awareness and even more questions. Every time I am able to share any space with her, I feel so empowered. Lubaina lives and breathes this work, and it is an absolute gift to be able to explore the mind, body, and soul with her. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to schedule my next session with her!'' - Marisa Fram, New York City
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Hi there! My name is Lubaina and I am a Whole-Self Healing Practitioner, which means I help my clients connect to the deeper essence of who they are spiritually, creating the space for healing to happen.

My mission is to empower you to live a life of passion, joy and fulfillment through overcoming your fears of not enoughness and overwhelm and self-sabotage. I specialize in a healing modality called Movements of Light that works with your body and consciousness to help you gain access to the deeper realms from which your reality manifests.

I am also an astrologer and yoga teacher and love to use these tools in combination with sound to facilitate your healing process.

I work with my clients 1:1 as well as in groups where I teach what I do. My extensive background in teaching and healing has come through years of self-exploration, learning from my teachers who appeared at the exact right time in my journey without me looking for them, and my clients and students who continue to teach me every day. You can click here to read my whole back story.

I am excited and honored to connect with YOU! How can I be of service?

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