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Full Moon in Cancer - A Welcome Release

The final days of 2020 are upon us, and with it we have the final full moon of 2020, in the sign of Cancer. We are still under the effects of the solar eclipse on Dec 14th and the Great Conjunction on Dec 21st which stirred up a lot.

In a nutshell, that’s what I would say 2020 was all about. Just stirring up everything to the surface that we were either unaware or unwilling to look at. This applies collectively to our social structures and how we have been functioning as a community.

It also applies individually as we are forced to ask difficult questions about what our purpose is and what we consider to be important in our lives. And as you close this year, this full moon is asking you the questions — what did you learn? What are you willing to hold on to and why? And what in spite of your best efforts, has fallen away from you?

Interestingly enough, we started the new year with a full moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer, on Jan 10th. And what a ride it has been. 2020 has left us all raw and open. Saturn’s stern demands that we pay our dues, that we take a long hard look at the world that we are living in, has forced many of us to wake up to a deeper calling inward.

The purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be yourself, yet one with God. - Edgar Cayce

The asteroid Chiron, which is the archetype of the wounded healer is activated with a square aspect to this Cancer full moon, which means emotions are still running high. We are being called to look at our deepest core wounds and to let that shit go.

How has 2020 been for you? I know that for me it’s been a rocky ride, albeit one that I have enjoyed with all its twists and turns. My relationships have been challenged, some old friendships fallen away. It’s like what doesn’t belong no longer has space in my life.

Ultimately I have been grateful for my health, for the people who stuck around, and for the love that prevailed regardless of the difficulties. When we are being stripped away of what we define ourselves with, we get to see very clearly where our attachments lie. This very stripping away is a loving act of the universe even though at the time it is happening, it might not seem like it.

So under this last full moon of the year, ask yourself, what emotions can you release? What thoughts can you cleanse away? What keeps you attached to those heavy patterns that hold you back from receiving the joy of the universe?

Love yourself enough to welcome this release. Allow yourself to take a moon bath and let mother Luna wash away all these emotions from you. Give it all up and welcome the freedom, welcome the space. Welcome in the new year.

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