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Solar Eclipse December 2021 ~ Expanded Consciousness & Overload of Information

Now the Sun, being the center of our solar system, is considered to be the core, the ‘I’ of the chart. Meanwhile the Moon, she is the subconscious, the feminine, the part of the chart that operates in the background.

When the Moon eats up the Sun, it is a prime time for the intuitive, feminine aspect of our being to eclipse the usual masculine, ‘doing’ aspect. It is a time when we can get insights deep into our shadows and be able to gain a kind of perception that is not allowed us on a regular basis about what those shadows are teaching us.

Eclipses are also a time of endings and beginnings, and this particular eclipse brings to a close the cycle we started back in May of last year, and begins a new cycle that will last into May 2022. As such it is important to look at what got stirred up in our lives back in May 2020, and we will be able to see the patterns of energy that we are dealing with in our lives.

Collectively, this eclipse carries on the theme of the Gemini eclipse of last year, which is communication, but being that this eclipse is in Sagittarius, it is a different element of communication, and given the number of planets that are in Sagittarius right now, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the North Node, I am going to say that one of the themes of this eclipse is going to be information overload.

What do I mean by that? I mean the massive upheaval that we are experiencing in the world gets highlighted. And remember that Sagittarius is a sign that in its shadow can be quite dogmatic. So we are faced with the amplification of the divisiveness that has become rampant in our world — mandates vs no mandates, trust the science vs conspiracy theories and so on and so forth.

It would do us well to remember that what shapes these points of view that we have, is that information that we expose ourselves to. So what we read, watch and consume and surround ourself with, is what we in fact become when we take a stance. And this eclipse, much like the one in Gemini that started this cycle, is going to demonstrate to us that we in fact don’t have the whole picture, and perhaps maybe even help us see that an overload of information is at the crux of what we have turned into battles against each other.

So what is the deeper, spiritual message of this eclipse? Well, Sagittarius is also the sign of higher mind and expanded levels of consciousness and all activities that involve seeking expanded levels of consciousness.

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is making its way into Pisces by the end of the year, bringing in the energy of spiritual consciousness on the planet.

So for those who are open to it, this eclipse can be a portal, an opening into deeper layers of your being, where you can discover faith and optimism rather than separation. Sagittarius is the sign of truth, and for those who seek it, this eclipse opens the gateway to spiritual truth, the reality behind the mundane reality, the source of the manifest world.

Under this eclipse, the best steps you can take are to allow the shadow of the moon to reveal what lies in the darkness. Let it reveal parts of you that you may not be comfortable and familiar with. Let it show you the beauty that lies in there.

Then allow that darkness to be a portal into the light, into letting you stand for the deeper truth. This is how we can experience healing, through letting go for dear life and letting a deeper faith in life take over.

A good ritual for this eclipse would be to use the cleansing power of fire. You can do this by meditating on the flame of a candle, or by journaling and burning what you write. But as you do this, keep your intention strong of asking for purification. And let the fire of your soul burn away the darkness that keeps you chained so you can experience the freedom of light.

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